Amazônia: o fim do verde

Betina Samaia presents the series“Amazon - the end of green

Mediators: Christian Cravo and Marcelo Reis

Betina Samaia, 1964, photographer from São Paulo, graduated in Psychology at PUC-SP. In her work, she seeks to record images of the unconscious, moving freely between past and present, reality and imagination. With the series Choreography of Chaos, Forests of the Imaginary, Noturns, Amazon, “India-Memories of what I have never seen”, Africa, among others, participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Brazil, France and the United States. Over the last decade, her essays have been presented in spaces such as Espace des Arts Sans Frontières (Paris), La Quatriéme Image (Paris), Magic Brésil (Paris), Carroussel do Louvre (Paris), Le Magazyn (California), Historical Museum Nacional (Rio de Janeiro), Image and Sound Museum (São Paulo), Art 57 Gallery (São Paulo), Athena Gallery (Rio de Janeiro), Paraty em Foco-International Photography Festival (Rio de Janeiro) and Galeria Valu Oria (São Paulo). Betina is also the author of the books Noite em noite night in (2017), Azul (2015), by Editora Madalena and Amazonia - O Fim do Verde (2021), Edition Bessard.