#BLVCKSBTFLL -Black is Beautiful

Thiago Borba presents the project “Black is Beautiful”, which brings prominence to black beauty and reveals the potency of brazilian colorism.

Mediators: Christian Cravo and Marcelo Reis

Thiago Borba was born in the city of Salvador, Bahia. He studied for a bachelor's degree in Marketing at the Faculdades Integradas da Bahia (2001-2005), and then began working with photography in 2006. When he moved to Spain, he worked as an assistant to photographers including Alfonso Zubiaga and Silvia Paredes. A year later, when he returned to Brazil, he settled in São Paulo, where he took photographs for many of the country's major magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and HQ. After 10 years living in the capital, looking back over his work up until that time, the artist decided to go back to his home city and start the Black is Beautiful project #BLVCKSBTFLL. In 2017, together with Caroline Lima, he took part in the photographic exhibition Jeito do Corpo [The way of the Body], which contained 16 photographs that constructed a narrative around the way Bahians move their bodies. Borba then showed eight photographs from the series Corpo Presente [Present Body] in São Paulo’s Espaço Paulista de Arte. In 2018, he contributed seven photographs from his Black is Beautiful series to the exhibition ‘Territori Paralelli’', which brought together fourteen Brazilian artists to represent Brazilian art and design in Milan, Italy. At the end of 2019, he gave his first solo exhibition at the Sunny Art Centre in London, entitled "Hidden Paradise", with thirty-six photographs from the series #blvcksbtfll.